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The Dutch Tourist That Went TO THE WRONG SYDNEY!

Whoops... we speak with him, we think...

The Dutch Tourist That Went TO THE WRONG SYDNEY!

You may have read a story recently about a Dutch backpacker who mistakenly ended up in Canada, rather than Australia, when he inadvertently discovered that there was more than one Sydney in the world.

That’s right. Instead of ending up in Sydney, Australia… he ended up in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Poor bloke… he had intended to come here because, well, we’re awesome.

“I was planning on going backpacking, working over there and just enjoying the land.”

- Milan Schipper

By the time he realised his mistake, it was all too late… he was in the air.

The accidental tourist, Milan Schipper (Image source: Facebook)

Clairsy, Matt and Kymba’s producer Tom, managed to track down the Dutch tourist, Milan Schipper** to talk about the experience.

** - may not be the real Milan Schipper

What can we say? We haven't heard a Dutch accent that good since Goldmember.