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Mr Turnbull Lets Fly At WA's GST Share

"It is past a joke..."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined Clairsy, Matt and Kymba in the studio this morning to discuss a whole range of things, including the current state of the GST revenue split and exactly how he feels about WA's share, or lack thereof.

He puts it frankly when he says that it's gotten beyond a joke.


"It is past a joke... it's got to pass the pub test everywhere, and at the moment, as you know, I believe it does not."

- Malcolm Turnbull


We also apologise to our Prime Minister for Matt's wearing of socks and thongs. He had no idea the Prime Minister was coming in, honestly.

Matt also had to make sure Mr Turnbull is an Australian citizen.


We captured the entire interview with our Prime Minister, so if you have a spare 12 minutes, you can also watch Mr Turnbull discuss the latest terror scare, his new big idea he calls City Deals and, on a lighter note, how he feels about our mate Big Mal (Lawrence Mooney).


Written by: @dantheinternut

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