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Chucky The Wodonga Dog Rescued From Rooftop 7ks From Home

The Border's Midday News Thur Sep 6

Chucky The Wodonga Dog Rescued From Rooftop 7ks From Home

Mystery Dog Rescued  

Volunteers from the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) must have thought they were going barking mad when they responded to a dog stuck on a roof!

Five members from the VICSES Wodonga Unit were able to rescue the female Border Collie cross, named Chucky, from the single storey home yesterday morning. 

After a short ride in the rescue truck, and a check-up by the vet, it was discovered Chucky put her paws to the pavement and travelled 7 kilometres from her home.

She has since been reunited with her family and is in good health, but how Chucky managed to actually get onto the roof remains a mystery!

We think this is a furry good outcome.

VICSES is made up of around 5,000 highly skilled and dedicated volunteers.

Members at the Wodonga Unit respond to a large variety of incidents such as flood, storm, landslide and earthquake emergencies.  

VICSES volunteers also assist Victoria Police in search and rescue operations.

Last year the Wodonga Unit responded to more than 100 calls for assistance.

Quotes attributable to Matt Stanyer, VICSES Wodonga Unit Controller 
“In all of my 20 years of service with VICSES I’ve never had to rescue a dog off a roof before. It’s great to see that we can put our skills to use in all sorts of ways.”