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Visa Win For Chinese Graduate Nurse Charged With Manslaughter

Tribunal announces decision

Visa Win For Chinese Graduate Nurse Charged With Manslaughter

A Chinese graduate nurse’s visa has been reinstated months after she was charged with the manslaughter of a Sydney beauty salon owner.

Yueqiong Fu allegedly worked as nurse under the supervision of Chinese doctor Jia Shao on a botched breast enlargement procedure on August 30 last yearFairfax reports.

Shao reportedly had no formal Australian qualifications when salon owner Jean Huang suffered a cardiac arrest and later died at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Ms Fu was also charged with using a poison as to endanger life and hindering an investigation into a serious offence, with her student visa was cancelled on the grounds she posed a risk “to the health and safety of the community”.

Sent to Villawood Detention Centre, the 30-year-old challenged the decision on her visa at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia.

Ms Fu argued she was not convicted of the charges while she had also denied, and found it difficult to manage her case while in detention.

After explaining she was acting under instructions from her employer (Ms Huang) and the surgeon (Shao), the tribunal has announced its decision to overturn the cancellation.

In its decision on April 3, the tribunal overturned the cancellation and found it "highly unlikely" that Ms Fu would be “a risk to community health and safety of the Australian community”.

“There is no evidence the applicant is violent or that she has committed or is charged with a violent offence,” they said.