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Construction Worker Hospitalised After Accident In Castle Hill

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Construction Worker Hospitalised After Accident In Castle Hill Facebook - 7 News

In breaking news, there has been an accident at a worksite in Sydney's north west.

A construction worker, 32, is understood to have fallen eight metres down an unprotected hole just after 8.30am this morning.

The incident happened on the corner of Old Northern Road and Terminus Street, with the man taken to Westmead Hospital.

He is in a stable condition, and sustained leg injuries during the fall.

“This brickie was extremely lucky to survive such a major fall,” Electrical Trades Union construction organiser Fred Barbin said.

“I’ve examined the area where it occurred and there is no doubt this serious incident was the direct result of serious safety breaches.

“The penetration this man fell through had no fencing around it, as is required, and instead appeared to have been loosely covered by something that had not been secured in place.

“It appears the injured worked had no idea the hole in the concrete was even there, and when he stepped on the covering it failed, causing him to fall to the lower level.

“Work has halted while a full examination takes place.”

This site is a part of the Sydney Metro Northwest rail project, with work stopping while investigations commence regarding the accident.

Work has been halted on site until at least Thursday, with only safety reparation work to be undertaken.