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Neglected Campfires Lead to Blazes Across the Region

Locals urged to report.

Neglected Campfires Lead to Blazes Across the Region

Forest Fire Management Victoria has slammed those who ignore campfires.


Emergency Services have been called to 23 fires since September 1st, with 18 of those cases caused by campfire negligence.


In the past four weeks, fire fighters have been called to Robinvale, Nangiloc, Boundary Bend and Mildura areas.


Most recently, an unattended campfire had caused a large tree to catch fire in Robinvale.


Locals who see camp fires that are unattended are being encouraged to report it to Crime Stoppers.



Officials are urging locals to use purpose-built fireplaces where provided, with branches and logs used kept under one metre long.


Under the Forest Act 1958, on the spot fines of up to $476 can be issued for people breaching camp fire safety rules, with a maximum penalty of up to $15872.


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