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Glass Fears As Baby Food Recalled

Consumer Protection

Glass Fears As Baby Food Recalled

If you've bought Rafferty's Garden branded baby food recently from the shops, it might be worth a serious check of this.

There are fears that some of the Happy Tummies Vegetable Risoto could contain traces of glass.

The recall is for those with best before dates of August 10 2018 and August 12 2018.

This brand is available in most supermarkets and some pharmacies around the country.

“At Rafferty’s Garden, we take food safety and the safety of our little consumers very seriously," a statement reads.

"We have been advised that there was an issue at the Arborio rice manufacturers where glass has entered the production process and was not detected.

“Although we are confident of our rigorous quality screening mechanisms in place, we have initiated a recall of the affected batches as a precautionary measure.”