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Why Your Old School FM Radio Will Take Your Skyworks Experience To The Next Level

All about timing

Why Your Old School FM Radio Will Take Your Skyworks Experience To The Next Level DJ Mr Sparkle

If you're planning on heading to the city for the big Australia Day Skyworks celebration, there's a very good reason why you need to take an old school FM radio to the show (if you can) and not rely on your phone for the synchronised soundtrack on mix94.5.

It's all about one word... timing.

Just through the nature of the beast, listening to us through the app already ends up with a slight delay... we're talking milliseconds.

But, on a day like Australia Day, where hundreds of thousands of people are all trying to listen to the same thing at the same time, that delay can become enormous, simply because the infrastructure can't cope with the demand.

We went to our technical guru here at the station, Marc Eddy, who explained it like so:

"In technical terms, the delay on your phone is due to the process it takes to mount the stream audio and then for your phone to decode it. It’s actually around 30-40 seconds (best case scenario). But depending on your handset speed, cellular coverage, wifi speed, buffering etc – they are all variables on why the audio coming out of your phone might be a different time to the person sitting next to you."

What does all this mean..? Well, if you can, dig up the old school radio slash ghetto blaster slash beatbox, complete with its D size batteries and inevitable band sticker covering, and go retro for the day.

It will take the Skyworks show and your Skyworks experience to the next level.

And as tough as this might be to believe, if you have a digital radio, that too will be slightly out. Again, it's about timing. The DAB signal fires off slightly behind the FM signal (around three seconds or so).

If you can't dig up a retro FM radio, there is another option. The City of Perth have run a massive line of speakers down the length of Riverside Drive.

We have a whole hub of Skyworks information. See it right here.



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Written by: @dantheinternut