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Wagga Drug Syndicate Dismantled

9 men, 4 women arrested

Wagga Drug Syndicate Dismantled

Police say members of the Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang and their associates were among 13 people arrested and charged as part of an investigation into drug supply, that saw raids conducted across Wagga over the past two days.

During the searches officers say they seized various firearms and parts, ammunition, bullet proof vests, knuckle dusters, handcuffs , mobile phones, SIM cards, various drugs, drug ledgers and paraphernalia.

A clandestine laboratory was also uncovered and dismantled at a property in Ashmont, nine men and four women are set to face court charged with various offences.

Guns and Ammunition Seized

Arrests Made

Gang Colours found at the hosue

Police in attendance

One man being led away

More photos of the raid are available on the NSW Police Force Facebook Page