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Will This Roundabout Save Perth's Freeway Traffic?

Main Roads to try something new...

Will This Roundabout Save Perth's Freeway Traffic?

Reports abound this morning that the new Mitchell Freeway extension, which will connect Burns Beach Road to Hester Avenue, will feature a large roundabout that is expected to control the traffic entering and exiting the new part of the freeway, without stopping traffic as is usually the case with traffic light intersections.

We repeat. A roundabout. Not the usual traffic light signal configuration that exists at pretty much every entry and exit point of our freeways.

As for the reasoning behind the decision, Main Roads had this to say.

"Roundabout-controlled on and off-ramps improve traffic flows as traffic by removing the need to stop and start at traffic signals... Overall the use of the roundabout control has been shown enhance safety and reduce maintenance costs and convenience by minimising disruptions and removing the need for traffic signal controls."

- Main Roads

The question is, can #Perth drivers handle the change and the relatively new driving conditions? Only time will tell.

The new extension, slated for completion in mid 2017, is expected to bring great relief to the burgeoning northern suburbs, which has seen massive growth in the last 10 years or so. Judging by the below video, it's looking good.


Written by: @dantheinternut