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Weight Loss Done Right... Have The Odd Champers And Ditch The Scales

Perth fitness instructor's top tips

Weight Loss Done Right... Have The Odd Champers And Ditch The Scales Pixabay

We know... it's that time of year and here we have yet another article on how to get more fit and more fabulous in 2018.

However, we've found a Perth fitness trainer who has shared some brilliantly simple tips on how to start 2018 off the right way.

Western Suburbs Health Coach Bec Durrant, director of Body Fusion and popular Lords personal trainer, has come up with 5 tips to start your 2018 health and fitness journey on the right track and most importantly, stick to it and achieve your goals.

Here are her tips.


The best advice I give my clients is to start small so they succeed. Energy creates energy. If you pick something small and stick to it, you will start to see results. Then you can start to make bigger and bigger goals when you are motivated and can see that you can achieve what you want.


Whether it’s kale smoothies or a glass of Champagne on a Friday night, I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation. Our bodies are not built to exist on extremes, so keeping your food, drink and lifestyle balanced is a really important ingredient to a healthier, happier life. Exercise, drink water, get a good night’s sleep, but also enjoy having that bowl of pasta or that glass of wine on a Friday night. Life is too good not to indulge sometimes - just keep it in moderation!


Water, water, water! Whether you are exercising out in the sun or sitting at a desk, keeping hydrated with water is important for many reasons. Water keeps your brain and body functioning at optimal capacity and is great for your skin. I tell my clients to have a glass of water before a meal, to make sure you are not confusing being thirsty with being hungry. I always carry around a 2 litre bottle and fill it with tap water, lemon, mint, and any other citrus fruit I can get my hands on.


This is the reason most of my clients come and see me - they need help getting motivated to exercise and figuring out what to eat and drink. I tell my clients to aim for as many exercise sessions they can each week, whether it’s one a week or every day - from full on sweat sessions to going for a good, long walk. I also tell my clients to keep their diet simple. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying expensive health bars and smoothies. Buy lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts and lean meat. Aim to eat a big salad most days with some protein (chicken, egg, tuna etc..) and make your own smoothies with banana and spinach. Eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible, but don’t stress if you’re going out and want to indulge. See point number 2!


It’s a cliché but they just tell you a number, not how you feel. The right exercise and nutrition will make you look better but what is more important is feeling better!


So there you go - hopefully Bec's tips can start you on the right path to a fit and fabulous 2018.


Written by: @dantheinternut