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We Rate The All Time Best Icypoles That Help Beat The Heat

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We Rate The All Time Best Icypoles That Help Beat The Heat

Let’s be frank… it’s BLOODY hot out there, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

We’ve had a chat within the team and decided upon the all-time 5 icy poles that guarantee some relief from the scorching heat.

You may or may not agree, but there’s one thing for sure… there are some classics in here.

5. Twin Pole

Yeah, okay, your Mum or Dad risked being classed a tightarse if they brought a round of these home… after all, for a long while in Perth they were the cheapest icypole going around… but perfect for a bit of solo (or sharing) refreshment.

4. Frosty Fruit

A bloody classic and suitably tangy… Deliciously refreshing.

3. Calippo

Another throwback to the 80s that’s still going strong. You had to make sure you ate it quick though, as the leftover juice that you poured into your mouth got pretty warm, pretty quick.

2. Funny Faces

Forget about this national Zooper Dooper stuff, West Aussie hearts lie with the original and the best, Funny Faces**. A schoolyard classic.

**and we know the above image ain't the "true" Funny Faces... we simply could not find an image :(

1. Freeza

Speaking of schoolyard classics, this one was synonymous with WA, school and summer. Ah the memories of chopping off a corner and sucking out the sweet nectar of that frozen triangle.