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Water Corp Dog Will Be Sniffing Out Leaks

Cute new recruit

Water Corp Dog Will Be Sniffing Out Leaks

In an Aussie first, a four legged recruit will be used by the Water Corporation to help detect leaks.

Kep is a springer spaniel and her name was chosen by the people of WA via a Facebook campaign, with 'Kep' being the Noongar word for ‘water’.

She's trained to recognise the scent of scheme water, and ignore all other scents like rain water, pipes and fittings.

And her reward for finding the target scent is to chase a tennis ball.

Water Minister Dave Kelly presented Kep with her ID badge this week.

“A trial last year estimated that the use of leak detection dogs in identifying broken water mains could be two times cheaper than other traditional methods," Mr Kelly said.