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WA's Meth Use Going Down

If our sewerage is anything to go by

WA's Meth Use Going Down

It looks like the multi-million dollar Government investment in the fight against methylamphetamine is paying off.

Police are cautiously welcoming the news that meth use has dropped in the past few months, according levels of the drug found in our sewerage.

WA Police say that compared to average levels of meth found in our waste water from 2015/16, the latest results from April show a 41.15 per cent decrease in Bunbury and a 26.6 per cent decrease in Perth.

“From a policing perspective we have had considerable success, in tandem with our Federal partners, in interrupting supply, and in 2015/16 and 2016/17 we have so far intercepted approximately 890 kilograms of meth headed for our streets,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Pryce Scanlan said.

“It could be that the major trafficking syndicates may not be viewing WA as such a soft target after those losses," he said.

The State Government isn't celebrating just yet, Police Minister Michelle Roberts said, "These are one set of test results so, they don't necessarily tell the full picture."