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Uber Changes The Game Again With Upfront Fares

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Uber Changes The Game Again With Upfront Fares Uber

There's been a significant change to the way Uber goes about charging its customers, and the talk around the office is that it's all for the better.

From today, Uber is rolling out upfront prices in Perth. This means that instead of seeing a price range for your trip, you'll see the exact price you'll be charged.

No surprises or calculations required, apparently.

And from what we understand, it's now much easier to add multiple stops to your intended fare... meaning you're not springing the old "two stops to pick up your mates on the way" surprise on the poor driver.

Stops will be reflected in the new upfront pricing system, as will a whole range of factors should they arise.

Yet another game changer in #Perth.


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Written by: @dantheinternut