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Two Kids Pricked By Needles At Local Park

Clean-up underway at the Esperance park

Two Kids Pricked By Needles At Local Park @abcperth

Two boys have sustained needle pricks while playing at a park in Esperance.

The father of one of the boys, Daniel Edgar, said that his eight-year-old son came home after finding the needle at the Dixon Park Playground.

“My son said, ‘I found a drug needle’ and that grabbed my attention,” he said.

“There were six little bags scattered around the park and I looked in one of them and there were needles in it."

The child was taken to hospital for a series of blood tests.

“Knowing he has been pricked by one of those needles is terrifying and it’s been the longest two days of my life. As a parent, you sit there fearing the worst that the result will come back with something,” Mr Edgar said.

The Shire of Esperance sent rangers to the site and taped off the playground and walkway.

Overnight, additional items of drug usage and faecal materials were cleaned up.

“The person or persons showed no respect for young people in our community and this is extremely disappointing,” Shire of Esperance chief executive Matthew Scott said.

“The park has been closed and fenced off and the area needs to be made safe for work to commence.

“All the sand softfall will be removed from the park and new sand softfall will be installed and all the play equipment will be cleaned.”