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Tips On How To Survive Magpie Swooping Season

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Tips On How To Survive Magpie Swooping Season AAP

Even though magpies are beloved Australian birds, they can become a nightmare for the public during Spring.

The best advice is to avoid areas where swooping magpies are on watch, but if you can’t do so, the government has released some tips to help you stay safe during this time.


If you are looking for advice and news from other victims of the dreaded magpie, here's some advice:

  1. Move quickly, but don’t run. They'll chase you!
  2. Cover your head with hats, sticks or umbrellas. If you are cycling, you should dismount and walk through the area.
  3. Wear eyes at the back of your head/helmet so magpies think you are watching them.
  4. Don’t harass the birds like throwing things etc, this will only anger the birds further and also, it's mean!
  5. Don’t destroy nests, they’ll only rebuild it again and come back with a vengeance!
  6. Don’t feed the birds.
  7. Travel in groups if you can do so because, as they say, there's safety in numbers!
  8. Do your bit and notify others. If you've been swooped, let your family and friends know so they can avoid the area.
  9. If you've already been swooped this season, pop the area in the comments below to warn the people of Perth about where the aggressive birds are!

Stay safe, everyone!