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Three Powerful Omens That Point To A West Coast Triumph

Will they come true?

Three Powerful Omens That Point To A West Coast Triumph Mondo Butchers Facebook / GrangeWallisArt on Facebook

Far be it from us to try and predict the result from tomorrow's big game between West Coast and Collingwood, but if our social media feed is anything to go by, there are a lot of omens out there pointing to a West Coast win.

Hey, if you're a West Coast fan and they end up losing tomorrow, you might want to point the blame at any of the below organisations ;)

The WA Police Force

They posted this earlier today.


The Adelaide Hyenas

Apparently, they're all over a win for West Coast.


Mondo Butchers

The local meat experts posted this earlier this week... now this one, we reckon is eerily on the money!


Of course, we'll be covering the big game tomorrow from 8am, starting with the Dead Set Legends. Make sure to tune in all across the day.

Despite the omens, whichever way it goes, the winner will get an awesome poster to hang next to their newly minted Premiership Cup. Check this out.



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Written by: @dantheinternut