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"This May Save Your Life"

Sharing the closest of calls... :(

"This May Save Your Life"

Our boss here at mix94.5, Erica, had one of those moments yesterday that we all fear, yet have probably all had on #Perth roads.

A "time stops, life flashes before your eyes moment".

She was so moved by the incident, she was moved to send us all an email, and we've chosen to share it with the world.

Here it is, which explains the incident in detail and her warning for all of us.

The email subject line: This may save your life

Hi my lovely colleagues. Just wanted to pass on a life lesson I just literally learned in the last hour.

Please don’t take off at lights as soon as the light goes green. Ever. Just wait a few seconds. Like at least 5.

I was front of the queue at the lights at Harborne & Grantham just after midday, on my way back from the Ninja Warrior launch, when they turned green.

I started to take off and a truck barrelled through the red light heading east towards Lake Monger, doing at least 60kmh, if not more.

About 15 more cms and I’d be dead.

I’ve spoken to the police and unfortunately there’s no speed camera at that intersection. Both myself & the bloke next to me didn’t get his licence plate. And it was a plain truck unfortunately.

So the only thing to do – all of us – is to be bloody extra careful from now on.

Love you all x

We asked Erica what kind of truck it was, and after some googling she found this picture. Obviously not the truck in question, but the closest example of the one that almost hit her.


Imagine that T-Boning a car at plus 60 KPH... we shudder to think.

Stay safe #Perth drivers.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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