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The Top 10 Stories From Our Website In 2017

The results are in...

The Top 10 Stories From Our Website In 2017 Pixabay / Google

It's been another big year here at mix94.5, and upon reflection of just how quickly it's gone, we thought we'd check out what were the biggest stories on our website for the year.

A couple of clicks and voila - here they are.

10. What Does Winning $56K Look Like

The big winner of the first of our Secret Sound amounts... and what a win it was!


9. Goodbye Coke Zero

It was big news back then - turns out it was just sort of a re-brand, but it was proof that many punters love the Coke Zero.


8. Ahn Do Wins The Archibald

We all love Ahn Do here at the station, and it seems our listeners did as well with the news that he had won the People's Choice category in the Archibald - for his portrait of legendary Indigenous actor Jack Charles.


7. Nic Nat Goes Nuts

Nic Nat posted a video to Twitter of how he reacted when Luke Shuey kicked that goal that broke the hearts of Port Adelaide supporters everywhere... and obviously many of our listeners could relate.


6. Hits From Ya Hood: Girrawheen


Matt did a lot of songs about a lot of suburbs here in Perth this year - and Girrawheen was a ripper.


5. Kraken Rum

Back in September, a whole bunch of #Perth pubs had a celebration of all things Kraken Rum, and it seriously resonated with the punters. And why bloody not, it's delicious! Consumed responsibly, of course.


4. Pete's Cheeky Scribble

The same-sex marriage debate was a big issue of the year, and our Pete Curulli must have had a hotline to the people - because his cheeky yet sage scribble on a photocopied voting form - posted to his Instagram page - went bananas.


3. Hits From Ya Hood: Midland


The biggest 'hit' of the year and why bloody not? It was sensational!


2. The Secret Sound

It was just an information page in our Win section - but quite clearly, EVERYONE wanted to win the money. For obvious reasons!


1. aha Melt The Internet

This one is still getting traffic... with good reason.


It probably helps too that the actual band retweeted our tweet.


What a year! Here's to bigger and better things in 2018. Thanks for jumping on for the ride and can't wait to do it all again next year!


Written by: @dantheinternut