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The Perth Places You **MIGHT** Catch Adele At Today?

We've made a few suggestions.

The Perth Places You **MIGHT** Catch Adele At Today?

Image Source: Getty Images / Pixabay

It’s no secret that arguably the world’s most awesome artist is in town right now. The one, the only, Adele.

#Perth social media went into meltdown yesterday when footage emerged (thanks to our mates at 7 News Perth) of Adele doing what was pretty much a full scale rehearsal at Domain Stadium.


Of course, the gig is tomorrow night, the first show she’s ever played in Australia. It's reportedly Domain's biggest ever gig, and looking at the stage set-up, it's no wonder.

Image Source: 7 News Facebook

Speaking of which, @Adele herself tweeted a little video of how that awesome setup got, well, set up.


All of this means that somewhere out there in #Perth, Adele… THE ADELE… is lurking amongst us.

It got us thinking. What are the 5 places you just might catch a glimpse of Adele?

1. Cott Beach

Why not start with a cliche? Pretty much anyone who’s everyone visits Cottesloe Beach on their first visit to Perth, so why would Adele be any different?

That said, it is pretty sunny out there today, so she might avoid the risk of sunburn.

2. Crown Towers

Let’s face it, Perth has heaps of quality accommodation these days, but Crown Towers is brand new, bloody expensive and they have friends in high places.

Plus, their pool is bloody amazeballs from all reports. Perfect for Adele and her son… and massive entourage.


3. Kings Park

Again, another cliche, but it probably depends on how “touristy” she’s feeling. There’s arguably no nicer place to check out our fair city than THAT view from Kings Park.


4. Caversham Wildlife Park

It really depends on her, but if she’s into Australian wildlife and cute and cuddlies, she may very well end up at Caversham. Mind you, like point 1, it’s pretty warm out there, so for an English lass, it could be too much to bear.

5. Margaret River

Okay, it’s not Perth (but it is a massive cliche), and she’s got enough coin to charter a plane. She could be there within an hour, especially on this new seaplane service.

We’ve been thinking about this list, and thought we should also put up a couple of places she probably won’t venture to today.


Sure, the kids club there is perfect for her little one, but we’re pretty sure Adele wouldn’t need to save money by purchasing a GODMORGON bathroom cabinet.

Domain Stadium

Like an absolute trooper, she braved the heat of yesterday afternoon to rip through a 1.5 hour soundcheck. Odds are that she’s done with that place, until tomorrow night, of course.

Anywhere, Really

Adele has famously stated she dislikes touring. She loves making and playing music, but dislikes the notoriety and being noticed all the time. She’s just as likely to stay out of sight today and enjoy some quiet time before tomorrow night’s massive gig, so there’s that chance as well.

Written by: @dantheinternut