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The #Perth eSports Phenomenon Doing Their Thing For Telethon

Big effort!!!

The #Perth eSports Phenomenon Doing Their Thing For Telethon Pixabay

Well Perth, it's Telethon time again, meaning that you'll be seeing lots of mix94.5 people all over the TV during the weekend.

This year, our Pete Curulli will be doing something a little different.

This Saturday the Flaktest Gaming team, a group of passionate Perth gamers who conduct eSports tournaments for high school students across Australia will embark on a 24 hour gaming marathon to help raise money for the kids of Telethon.

And they will be doing it live, from the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre!

Pete's just one of the Flaktest team, and he tells us that their idea was inspired by a successful American initiative held twice a year called 'Games Done Quick' (raised 2.2 million dollars in its January week this year).

With that in mind, the Flaktest Gaming team will call upon Perth’s most talented speedrunners - gamers who conquer video games really fast, and the tens of thousands of people who watch their twitch streams around Australia and the world to help raise money for the kids at PMH.

Pete had this to say about the forthcoming event:

"We’re so excited to open Telethon up to the gaming community. Gaming brings so much joy to so many around the world, including seriously ill children. A lot of the gaming community in Perth have told us their stories about how PMH have given them and their families so much support over the years and they’re pumped to return the favour in their own way!"

So how does it work and how do gamers help?

Just type into your web browser from 6pm Saturday night, it will look a little something like this:

Then settle in and watch the magic happen! They’ll be playing games, giving away awesome gaming prizes, doing challenges, and interacting with their Twitch viewers whilst asking for donations

If you can’t donate, then host their Twitch channel and help spread the word of gamers doing good!

Seeing this is their first year, they've set their donation goal at $1500.

This is a great opportunity for gamers to do some good by raising some money for the kids at Princess Margaret Hospital through doing something not traditionally associated with charity!