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The Little Perth Boy Who Needs Our Help To See Properly

Let's make this happen!

The Little Perth Boy Who Needs Our Help To See Properly Supplied

An incredibly talented young man from right here in #Perth is in desperate need of funds to help him see properly for the first time in his 8 years of living.

Little Koda was born with a condition known as Septo optic dysplasia, meaning he is completely blind in his right eye and has less than 10% vision in his left.

Combine this with his recent diagnosis of Autism, and you could only imagine the issues this young man has to deal with when it comes to school and the like.

Koda's mum, Isabeau, reportedly heard about a pair of glasses called E-Sight, which apparently could help Koda to see in a way that most of us take for granted.

Isabeau managed to contact the Royal Society of the Blind in Adelaide and borrow a pair to see if they worked... lo and behold, they did!

Koda with his esight glasses

Isabeau tells us that Koda's reaction was as you would expect:

"We couldn't believe the moment he put them on and said 'I can see everything!!' The smile on his face was priceless."

The only problem is that the glasses cost around the $15K mark, and at present there is no funding available to get them for Koda.

Isabeau has started a GoFund me page in the hope of raising the required funds to give Koda the gift of sight. Already, she's raised over $1K, but there's a long way to go.

What's more remarkable about this young man is he is a very talented musician, playing completely by ear and feel. His mum shared a recent performance by Koda at Mojo's, playing a song he helped compose with his music teacher.


Simply amazing!

On behalf of everyone here at the radio station, we sincerely hope you reach your target Koda!


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Written by: @dantheinternut