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The Best Of Perth From Back In The Blue Light Days

Trip down memory lane!

The Best Of Perth From Back In The Blue Light Days Google Images

Over the past two weeks, Lisa and Fitzi have hosted The Winter Breakfast whilst The Big Breakfast with Clairsy, Matt and Kymba have been on holidays.

And, every Thursday, we at the radio station celebrate Blue Light Thursday... celebrating everything that was great about the Blue Light Disco.

Today, Lisa and Fitzi took us all down memory lane with some truly fantastic interviews with the people of the times... We've featured them all below because they're too great to leave in the radio ether.

We've featured all the segments below. Enjoy.

Winning The America's Cup

Lisa and Fitzy speak with John Longley who may or may not have let a swear word slip on-air in his rave on why the Aussies just had to beat the Yanks!

The TV Ads

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the best TV ads from the time.

The Best TV Shows

Lisa's special "Shaw Report" talks about the best small screen from the day!

The One And Only Susannah Carr

We speak with Perth TV royalty... who speaks candidly about the shocking Claremont Serial Killer time and how it changed Perth.

Our First Female Premier

Not just our first... Australia's first. Dr Carmen Lawrence speaks about her time as Premier during a difficult time for the state.

The Birdman Rallies

Lost Perth's very own Warren Duffy on the Birdman Rally and how we couldn't pull something like that off today...

'80s Fashion Disasters

We got some calls on some of the tragic fashion trends of the ear.

What a day to celebrate everything Blue Light!


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Written by: @dantheinternut