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The Best Fried Chicken In Perth To Celebrate International Fried Chicken Day

Yes, it's a thing!

The Best Fried Chicken In Perth To Celebrate International Fried Chicken Day Bump In Burger Facebook

Like everything these days, there's seemingly a day for everything, but who are we to complain when TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL FRIED CHICKEN DAY.

Fresh from the news that KFC were going to give away a year's supply to celebrate today (we didn't win), we went hunting around the 'net and found some places and deals you should most definitely check out today if you're in the mood for some fried chicken goodness.

We heard about this awesome deal at Bump In Burger out there at Woodvale.





Let's just step that out for a second... FREE FRIED CHICKEN with every burger purchase. Now that's a deal! The boys out at Bump In have been making a name for themselves out there in the north for some bloody delicious burgers, and word on the street is that their chicken is equally as good, so this deal literally defines a win slash win situation.

If you're in the city, there are a whole range of options. If in Northbridge, the word on the street is that Meat Candy is THE place for delicious meaty goodness, particularly in a fried chicken offering.

Speaking of the city, both Perth and Northbridge, there's a place called Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, selling an:


"...authentic Taiwanese oversized crispy chicken that is oh-so-moist and tender on the inside and deep-fried to perfection and bursting with flavour on the outside."


Their words, not ours, but you had us at "authentic"

For anyone south of the river, Chimek sounds like a serious option. They must be serious if they're offering a TOWER OF CHICKEN? The infamous Tower of Babel costs $75, but from all accounts, is well worth it... especially as we're guessing you'd have to share it with at least 2 or 3 mates?

Finally, like KFC, Chicken Treat have got in on the action, and for today only, if you buy some southern style crunchified chicken from the yellow bird, you'll get a CRUNCHIFIED CHICKEN CAR AIR FRESHENER.

Not even joking.


 This is only a sample of the awesome fried chicken offerings in and around Perth, so make sure to let us know at Facebook about your fave fried chicken haunt in Perth.


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Written by: @dantheinternut