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That Show Was Gold Jerry... GOLD!

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That Show Was Gold Jerry... GOLD!

Image Source: Perth Arena Website

There he was…

Right there on the Perth Arena stage.

For many Perth Seinfeld fans, last night’s gig with the man himself was almost evangelical. One half of the brains trust behind the show about nothing, gave us over an hour’s worth of laughs and his own identifiable brand of comedy.

Right here in our little city of Perth.

There were a few questions going into last night’s gig.

  1. Could Jerry live up to the massive hype?
  2. Has he still got the comedic chops to work such a massive venue as Perth Arena?
  3. Will be be as funny as the TV show was?

Well, the answer to all these questions and more was a resounding yes. Seinfeld, quite simply, was awesome.

Interestingly, I don’t recall any reference to the show, apart from a throwaway line about being part of a "big show in the ‘90s". His material was mostly about love and marriage, kids, and everything in between.

As always, his observations were spot on. Like any good comedian, Seinfeld had that ability to highlight the quirks and inane details of our day to days that we all tend to miss.

What’s more, Jerry didn’t swear… Not once. That makes it all the more impressive in my book.

There was no jokes about Ovaltine either ;)



Before we knew it, he was saying goodbye and the house lights were going up. Around 12,000 happy Seinfeld fans filed out of the impressive Perth Arena and into the Perth pubs and clubs, to celebrate the coming together of a gaggle fans who loved a show about nothing.

And that show, was something!

Written by: @dantheinternut


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