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Risky Wedding Trend In The Spotlight

Stay off the tracks!

Risky Wedding Trend In The Spotlight Image Supplied: PTA

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the Perth Transport Authority says people need to be told that taking wedding photos on railway tracks is not only dangerous, but illegal.

That's why it's launched a campaign targeting the practice, which appears to be a rising trend.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said there are dozens of examples of photos online, particularly on social media, of people posing for photographs on railway tracks.

“Trespass on the rail network is a serious matter, even if it’s just stepping off a pedestrian crossing on to the tracks, ballast and rail tracks aren’t meant to be walked on, particularly not in bridal heels.

“It takes up to 250 metres for a train to stop once the brakes are applied, and as our fleet is electric, it can be impossible to hear them until it’s too late,” said Mr Hynes.

People who are caught trespassing will be fined.