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Review Into Greenough Prison Riot Points Blame At Budget Cuts

No single spark triggered riot.

Review Into Greenough Prison Riot Points Blame At Budget Cuts Pixabay

Corrective Services Minister Fran Logan has vowed to take action to ensure our there is never another riot in our prisons.

This comes with the release of a review into the Greenough Prison riot and escape on July 24, 2018 that found budget cuts were an underlying factor in the event.

The critical incident review found no single factor alone caused the incidents that lead to the escape of 10 inmates from custody.

Commissioner of Corrections Victoria and Report Chief Jan Shuard said the review found a number of interrelated factors created an unstable prison environment, including staff shortfalls and increased time spent in lockdown.

"Let's make it very clear, overtime didn't lead to this riot, a bunch of young thugs in Unit 2 took opportunity to cause a riot," said Minister Logan. 

More than 20 people have been charged for their alleged involvement in the destruction of buildings and the breach of the women's unit.

Corrective Services Commissioner Tim Hassall has also admitted there were triggers that should have been noticed. 

"What they found in the report was that some of the independent visitors going in [to the prison] were raising concerns," said Mr Hassall. 

Greenough Regional Prison will have a new leadership and management approach, focused on improving localised intelligence gathering and management of prisoner cohorts among other issues highlighted in the report. 

Restoration works at the prison are nearing completion, while options for a new women's facility have been developed. 


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Written by: @jordanpieterse