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Research Proves Aussies Love A Good Pash

With lots of people, too...

Research Proves Aussies Love A Good Pash

Research from online dating site eHarmony has revealed that 54 per cent of Aussie singles have puckered up to upwards of 50 people in the last six months while on the quest to find a compatible partner.

That's literally since the beginning of this year... 

Over 1,000 Aussie singles were surveyed, and those people also revealed that they're totally up for a pash in public (84%).

Interestingly, when it comes to the infamous doorstep farewell after a date, almost half (47%) expect a kiss if the date was good. Essentially meaning you have a 50% chance of making the right move if you're on a first date.

However, only 4 per cent revealed they'd let their first date stay over, so it proves that a majority of Aussies like to keep the mystery alive.

And, as it turns out, kissing is pretty bloody good for you too. 

"In addition to leaving us feeling as though we're walking on clouds, kissing promotes connection and relaxation, improves perceived relationship satisfaction and self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety and boosts the immune system."

- eHarmony Relationship Expert and Counsellor Desiree Spierings

So, there you go... get kissing.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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