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Raft Up Record Smashed In #Perth Today

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Raft Up Record Smashed In #Perth Today Supplied

And now for something a little different...

More than $50 million dollars worth of luxury boating luxuriousness was enlisted today to break a world record in Perth for the most Riviera boats to complete a Raft Up.

What's a Raft Up? This from Wiktionary:

raft-up (plural raft-ups). (nautical) The roping together of a number of small vessels to form a raft-like structure; A social gathering based upon such a structure.

Well, we understand the world record was broken with a grand total of 48 boats, lined up together today on the Swan, on what was a beautiful Perth day.

The organiser of the event, Michael Pitman from R Marine Perth, had this to say about the attempt:

“Today is all about Riviera boat owners coming together to celebrate the festive season, enjoy live music on the water, enjoy each others’ company and the surrounds of the beautiful Swan River and Matilda Bay... we are on track for a world-record of Riviera boats and a spectacular sight for the community.”


Judging by this drone footage, he's spot on!


Written by: @dantheinternut