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Police Handing Out Warnings, Not Fines

Industrial action steps up

Police Handing Out Warnings, Not Fines

The Police pay dispute with the State Government has edged up a notch today.

The WA Police Union has announced its members will be issuing cautions for low level traffic and alcohol related offences, instead of fines.

They'll also be carrying out so-called 'check ups' on speed cameras in police cars with flashing lights.

Image Source:Rob Herrick

The action could hurt the State Government's hip pocket and if it carries on, could be a significant revenue hit.

Union President George Tilbury said officers feel betrayed after the State Government took the step of changing its wages policy mid-negotiation.

“Millions of dollars will be lost in revenue for this State Government if they do not intervene and honour the original agreement that was on the table"

- George Tilbury

Mr Tilbury said this phase of the campaign would not pose any safety risk to the community.

Mr Tilbury also spoke with Lisa and Pete about the action.