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Perth's 'Worst Intersection' May Have Just Been Found

Slammed as a 'train wreck'

Perth's 'Worst Intersection' May Have Just Been Found Image: Perth's Worst Drivers/Facebook

An intersection in Perth with four stop signs has been slammed as an absolute "train wreck" for leaving drivers literally scratching their heads.

In a video shared to the Perth's Worst Drivers Facebook group, the new setup can be seen where Flinders Lane meets Kent Street, and has reportedly caused traffic to grind to a halt.

"There were cars at all 4 stop signs and we were all like, well who goes first? Train wreck of an intersection," motorist Charzy Hand wrote.

Fellow driver Jake Corkery added: “I got stuck at this same intersection this morning. It had all four of us with our hands in the air not knowing what to do."

While "giving way to the right" was accepted as the best strategy for dealing with the unusual sitation, others suggested a roundabout may have been a more successful solution to the standstill.

You can check out the clip below: