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Perth's Very Own Dessert AND Cocktail Bar

Yes bloody please!!!!

Perth's Very Own Dessert AND Cocktail Bar

We're seriously behind the times here but that old saying, better late than never, it applies here... BIG TIME!!!!!!!

Perth's own Karmen Lu is a former Masterchef contestant who has just opened up her dessert bar in Mount Lawley...


It's a dessert bar that combines two of our fave things.

  1. Dessert
  2. Cocktails

That's right... you are reading this correctly.

Their website says it better than we ever could.

We will be serving a range of Karmen Lu's delectable creations matching perfectly to Ryan Mitchell's finely crafted cocktails.

- Measure

Based on what we've seen on social media, it seems that #Perth is falling head over heels for this ingenious concept.

Just look at these desserts for starters.


When you combine these ideas with the idea of this...


You have a match made in heaven my friends.

Measure is now open in Mount Lawley and all the vitals can be found at their website.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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