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Perth May Not Be As Liveable As What We Like To Think

Survey says

Perth May Not Be As Liveable As What We Like To Think Pixabay

Bad news #Perth... turns out that we may not be as liveable as what we would like to believe.

That is the annual Economist Intelligence Unit annual global survey is anything to go by?

It turns out that three Aussie cities made the top 10, and Perth wasn't one of them.

Here's the list:

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Melbourne, Australia
3. Osaka, Japan
4. Calgary, Canada
5. Sydney, Australia
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Tokyo, Japan
8. Toronto, Canada
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Adelaide, Australia

Perth came what we can only call a "respectable" 14th. Last year, we came 7th...

It wasn't a good one for Melbourne, who had topped the list for the past 7 years.

At the other end of the scale, the survey also released the results of the 10 least liveable cities in the world.

Here they are:

1. Damascus, Syria
2. Dhaka, Bangladesh
3. Lagos, Nigeria
4. Karachi, Pakistan
5. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
6. Harare, Zimbabwe
7. Tripoli, Libya
8. Douala, Cameroon
9. Algiers, Algeria
10. Dakar, Senegal


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Written by: @dantheinternut