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Perth Farewells World's Oldest Sumatran Orangutan

Rest in peace, Puan

Perth Farewells World's Oldest Sumatran Orangutan Photo by Alex Asbury

Perth Zoo broke the sad news this morning, Puan the orangutan has died.

Keepers were told the 62 year old matriarch's life had come to an end after vets ruled that age related complications were impacting her quality of life.

It is believed Puan was born in 1956 and two years ago, she was awarded a Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest verified Sumatran Orangutan in the world.

Primate Supervisor, Holly Thompson, said she was also the founding member of the zoo's world renowned breeding program and leaves an incredible legacy.

“She did so much for the colony at Perth Zoo and the survival of her species, so I am very proud of the level of care given to Puan throughout her years, but importantly in her final days,” said Holly.

Puan had eleven children and 54 descendants spread across the United States, Europe, Australasia and the jungles of Sumatra.

Her great grandson ‘Nyaru’ was the latest individual to be released into the wild.