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Perth Backpackers Who Overdosed Could Face Hefty Medical Bills

Expected to total the thousands

Perth Backpackers Who Overdosed Could Face Hefty Medical Bills

Eight of the nine foreign nationals hospitalised follow a mass drug overdose in Perth are likely to have to pay thousands of dollars of medical bills.

The nine foreign nationals were rushed to hospitals across Perth after taking a substance which has been identified to include the pharmaceutical drug hyoscine. 

Only one of the people involved, an Italian citizen, is expected to escape paying the fees as Italy has as reciprocal health agreements with Australia.

Costs at Royal Perth Hospital start at $245 for the emergency department. Patients who are admitted and stay the night are charged $2586. Patients will also  be charged for clinicians, medical and surgical treatments.

It’s also unlikely the victims will be covered by travel insurance - as policies to not normally cover claims relating to excessive alcohol or drug use.

“There’s an expectation the insurer will do his or her best to not get into trouble. Therefore insurers have very strong  exclusions around the use or overuse of alcohol and the use of illicit, illegal or misuse of prescription drugs, "Insurance Council of Australia general communications manager Campbell Fuller told the ABC.