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Our Ross Edwards' Very Personal Reason For Doing Dry July

Too close to home!

Our Ross Edwards' Very Personal Reason For Doing Dry July Supplied

Dry July.

I’ve often scoffed at the idea. Laughed at how gimmicky it’s always sounded. Laughed at the odds of me actually doing it!

In the last few week though, purely by coincidence, I’ve started thinking about my own drinking.

Now, I don’t think I drink to excess (not in the week anyway heh), but I probably drink enough for it to affect, “stuff”.


Alertness, patience… And of course, the internal effects.

So I’ve decided to pause for a while. Just to reassess.

I’m now almost three weeks booze free and feeling a whole bunch of positives.

Then just a few days ago, I became aware of a DJ in Perth, John Rufkut Griffiths (pictured below) who is battling stage 4 bowel cancer. He is facing the end of his life. At just 39.


I’ve had other close friends who’ve faced the same battle in the past. I feel like they could be me... And that scares me.

That’s when Dry July conveniently popped into my field of vision. It’s a small thing I can do to continue to give my health a kick in the right direction and to raise a few dollars towards fighting cancer (via Cancer council WA).

Like I said, t’s not much but it’s something I can DO… Rufkut, (and anyone else battling cancer) I’m with you.

And that’s why I’m doing Dry July.

And I’d love it if you’d help me out by making a donation. Just click here.