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Our Little Country Is Growing Up Quickly

2016 Census shows fascinating snapshot

Our Little Country Is Growing Up Quickly

Australians are getting older, more of us hail from overseas and increasingly the population is turning its back on religion.


The dramas of Census night (remember #censusfail?) are but a distant memory and we now have all the data collected about who we are, what we do, where we live and what we're into.

So what does that mean for Western Australia?

Well, WA now has an estimated population of more than 2.5 million (2,567,788 as at 31 December, 2016 to be exact).

That puts us in third place in the country for population growth.


Our state is also home to the fastest growing population region in the nation, that would be you Serpentine-Jarradale whose population shot up 51% since the 2011 Census.

Though it might not feel like it when you're laying out $12 for a pint, WA's median income of $724 per week is above the national average of $662 per week.

Like our population growth, we're also third in the nation in that respect.

We also get stung for our rent and mortgage which average $347 and $1,993 respectively, compared to the national median of $335 and $1,755.

We're also culturally diverse.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population continues to grow, with 75,978 people counted in 2016, an increase of 9.1% since 2011.

Our state is home to the highest number of residents who aren't born in Australia, 32% are born overseas and that's an increase from 31% in the 2011 census.

Likewise, Mandarin, Italian and Vietnamese are the highest spoken languages outside of English.

Interestingly, the nation is following a trend of moving away from religion.

In the latest Census nearly 33% per cent of respondents indicated they have 'No religion'.


Written by: @conradical89