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New Vaccine Research Hub In WA

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New Vaccine Research Hub In WA

Scientists could develop a world first, silver bullet vaccine against any strain of a disease, such as meningococcal, here in WA.

The Human Vaccines Project will have it's first global headquarters at the Perth Children's Hospital.

The project aims to decode the human immune system and accelerate the development of vaccines and immunotherapies against a range of major infectious diseases and cancers.

The Telethon Kids Institute will lead the paediatric component of the research.

The project has also managed to attract Professor Tobi Kollmann, an international leader in paediatric infectious diseases.

Professor Kollmann will move to Perth from Canada to establish the WA hub of the Human Vaccines Project.

He will also join Perth Children’s Hospital as a working doctor for two days a week, enabling WA children to benefit from his expertise.

Health Minister Roger Cooks said the project recognises WA as a world leader in medical research.

"The new paediatric research hub brings together prevention and innovation, two key components for improving health outcomes for all Western Australians," said Mr Cook.