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New Powers For WA Police In Terror Events

Officers given licence to kill

New Powers For WA Police In Terror Events Image Source: Jennifer King/@jennobean

WA Police will be able to deal with terrorist threats with a swift and heavy hand, thanks to the introduction of new laws by the state government today.

The new counter terror legislation includes giving police the powers to shoot to kill terror suspects, if they believe a preemptive strike will save innocent lives.

The special powers are being introduced in response to findings from the New South Wales Coronial Inquest into the Lindt Café siege.

The NSW Coroner recommended that special powers available to police responding to a terrorist incident should include a more clearly defined right to use force ensuring legal protection to respond to terrorist incidents in a manner most likely to minimise the risk to members of the public.

Premier Mark McGowan said while WA generally has fewer security concerns than some other States, the government is doing what it can to keep the community safe in the event of a violent extremist act.

“We also want to ensure our police remain well-trained and have the power to respond with the required force to remove a terrorist threat," Mr McGowan said.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the laws also ensure police have sufficient legal protection when acting in good faith and in the course of their duties to protect others.