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New Perth Stadium's Choice Of Tipple Revealed

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New Perth Stadium's Choice Of Tipple Revealed @NewPerthStadium Twitter

After all that debate about whether the general public should have access to full strength drinks or not at the new Perth Stadium, today, the drops on offer have been revealed and for the most part, many are happy with the options.

The choices are all courtesy of Western Australia’s very own Gage Roads Brewing Company, and the mid-strength lagers, ales and cider options are as follows:

(this from their press release)

  • Single Fin Summer Ale Special Edition 3.5% - a light-bodied ale with punchy tropical aroma
  • Atomic Pale Ale Special Edition 3.5% - a full-bodied, hoppy pale ale
  • ALBY Crisp Lager - a 3.5%, classic, no fuss Western Australian-style lager brewed using 100% WA-grown malted barley
  • Hello Sunshine Cider Special Edition 3.5% - a refreshing apple cider

From what we've been told, the price for any of these will be the same as what they were at Domain Stadium and the WACA Ground. This also from the press release.

A 425-millilitre cup of beer at the multi-purpose Optus Stadium will be $8.50.

Of course, the Stadium's about to get some serious workouts in the next couple of months. An open day, a massive ODI cricket match, an AFLW blockbuster, and of course, this bloke.



Written by: @dantheinternut