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Mystery Tree Vandal Strikes Again

70 year old tree falls victim

Mystery Tree Vandal Strikes Again

Image Source: City of South Perth

A hunt is underway for the vandal who severely damaged a decades old tree lining the South Perth foreshore, near the Mends Street jetty.

The 70-year-old London flame tree is today being cut down for safety reasons, after the mystery offender maimed it with a chainsaw.

"Someone's come during the middle of the night and vandalised one of our old trees near the Mends Street Jetty," said City of South Perth Environment Manager Bruce Moorman.

"Unfortunately it's rendered this tree quite unsafe and we've had to remove it on the spot."

Image Source: City of South Perth

Mr Moorman added, damaging trees on public property is illegal.

"This is against local laws, it's exceedingly disappointing."

WA Police have now joined the investigation, along with the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Written by: @conradical89