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Lotto Luck Strikes For WA 'Battler'

Bought himself a ticket on a whim!

Lotto Luck Strikes For WA 'Battler'

Sometimes you've just got to back yourself, like buying a lotto ticket and walking away a million dollars richer.

A self-proclaimed West Aussie battler did just that and walked away with $1.4 million after Saturday's lotto draw.


The Westminster man picked his own numbers for the first time, claiming one of three division one winning tickets.

“I’d love to tell you there was some special formula but the truth is I picked six numbers at random and crossed my fingers,” he said.

According to Lotterywest, he's having a hard time believing his luck.

“It’s taken us a while to get here because we didn’t quite believe it at first,” the man said.

“We haven’t celebrated, we haven’t told anyone and we haven’t slept.”

Written by: @conradical89