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It's Snowing In WA's South

People are flocking to Bluff Knoll..

It's Snowing In WA's South

Image Source Facebook: Perth Weather Live

There's snow in WA's south and it's sent some people into somewhat of a flurry (that's a snow pun, just FYI).

Snow crazy West Australians have raced down to Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges, where this afternoon there have been reports of a bit of the good stuff falling.


"On social media we have seen reports of snow falls .. a light dusting, or a flurry, is how I've heard others describe it," said Bureau of Meteorology Duty Forecaster Steph Bond.

"We had a cold front move through the south-west parts of Western Australia during this morning."

"It moved through the metro area around 10am this morning and moved through Bluff Knoll about midday today," she said.

It's due to a cold front passing over the south-western part of the state.

"We can still expect showers to move through, and we still could expect some snow periods on Bluff Knoll until about early tomorrow morning."