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It's Official... Perth Stadium Crowd Cap Lifted For The Scorchers Final

Bring it on

It's Official... Perth Stadium Crowd Cap Lifted For The Scorchers Final Supplied

Massive news for Perth Scorchers fans... the cap on crowd size has been lifted and the big home BBL final will hopefully see a capacity crowd get right behind the Scorchers.

The official statement:

The McGowan Government has reached an agreement with VenuesLive and the WACA to ensure 55,000 tickets will be sold to the Scorchers' home semi-final at Optus Stadium.

But why read about it when you can hear it straight from the Transport Minister's mouth, Rita Saffioti.

The rest of the official press release is listed below, but the summary is:

  1. Armadale / Thornlie will stop at Stadium after morning peak - capacity.
  2. Special bus services from Elizabeth Quay to the stadium (getting there).
  3. Special bus services after the event.
  4. WACA offering food and drink vouchers to get people there by 3pm.
  5. WACA also putting on some post match events.

Here is the press release in full:

The agreement was reached on the condition that the Stadium Operator and the association put arrangements in place to entice 15,000 to 20,000 fans to arrive at the venue before 3pm.

Some of these strategies include $10 food and beverage vouchers for the first 15,000 fans, on-field access and prize packs. There will also be a light show post game to encourage fans to stay longer, reducing pressure on the transport system.

Public transport arrangements have been tailored specifically on these provisions.

The early arrival strategy is required due to the 4.40pm start time - to suit an east-coast television slot - meaning that the majority of the crowd will arrive at the stadium during afternoon peak hour on a weekday.

This, in conjunction with the absence of the Matagarup Bridge means Transperth will have to reduce the capacity of trains throughout afternoon peak on the Mandurah and Joondalup lines. Some trains that would normally run as six-car trains will be reduced to three-car sets. Some changes to timetabling will also occur.

In addition, normal Armadale and Thornlie Line trains will stop at Perth Stadium Station, so those lines will be much busier than usual. As a result of trains stopping more often, their services may not run to timetable because Perth Stadium Station is not currently a regular station.

A central business district shuttle bus will operate between Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and the stadium from about 11am.

Passengers need to use existing timetabled bus and train services to get to the city and then use the train or bus shuttle to get to the stadium.

Because this is a weekday event, the special event bus services designed for the stadium will only be available after the event to get people home.

To cater for the extra passengers, Transperth will use about 60 buses held back from retirement recently.

As with the Ed Sheeran concert, it will take longer to clear the crowd than if the pedestrian bridge was complete so fans will need to be patient and allow additional time to get home.


Written by: @dantheinternut