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It's Been Unusually Warm In Perth

But it's not going to last...

It's Been Unusually Warm In Perth

Cold and wet weather is on its way, but in the meantime we've had the warmest and driest June ever recorded in Perth.

The Weather Bureau confirmed we've enjoyed a mean maximum temperature of 21.4C.

"That beats the previous record of 21.0, which was set in 2015," said Forecaster Bradley Hall.

"We've been collecting for over 120 years, so with that known, this record sets as the warmest June in 120 years of records for Perth."

It's hard not to notice the lack of wet weather too - we've only had four rainy days.

"We've tallied four rain days for the month of June and that beats the previous record of five which was set in 2006." said Mr Hall.

But before you think your fun in the sun is set to continue - it most definitely is not.


"We have a cold front that is approaching the south-west as we speak," he said.

"So showers developing today, Friday, but the real squally conditions will be coming through on Saturday."

Written by: @conradical89