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If You Thought March Weather In Perth Was Unusual, You'd Be Right

Colder, wetter than usual

If You Thought March Weather In Perth Was Unusual, You'd Be Right

If you thought March in Perth was both colder and wetter than usual… guess what… you’d be right.

The Bureau of Meteorology released their findings from March today on their website, and it was confirmed. Despite that bloody hot start to March (remember), things settled down pretty quickly and by the end of the month, we were seeing much milder days.


And as for the rainfall, here are some quick facts from the website.

  • Perth Metro recorded a monthly total of 23.6 mm, its wettest March for four years, since 69.6 mm was recorded in 2013
  • Perth Metro recorded eleven rain days, which is the highest number of rain days in March at the Mt Lawley site since records commenced in 1993

And with regards to the actual temperature, check these fun facts out.

  • Perth Metro recorded a mean maximum of 27.9 °C, which was its mildest March for eighteen years, since 1999 when a mean maximum of 27.8 °C was recorded
  • Highlighting the abrupt change in daytime temperature during the month, maximum temperatures at Perth Metro were all above its March maximum average from the 1st to 11th, whilst daily maxima were all below the monthly average for the remainder of the month apart from the 31st

Mind you… with the weather we’ve had recently, who’s complaining?


For all the weather nerds who want the full picture on March, here’s the link.

Written by: @dantheinternut