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Esperance Beaches Closed After Fatal Shark Attack

Girl, 17, mauled to death

Esperance Beaches Closed After Fatal Shark Attack

Image Source: Esperance Express

The Department of Fisheries is patrolling a beach near Esperance, in the wake of a shark attack that killed a 17 year old girl. 

She was surfing with her dad at Kelp Beds Beach, near Wylie Bay at around four on Monday afternoon when she was attacked on the left leg by an unknown species of shark.

She suffered critical injuries and was given CPR on the beach, while paramedics rushed to the scene. 

The girl was taken to Esperance hospital where she died from her injuries. 

Beaches in the Wylie Bay area remain closed.

It's believed the family was from Mandurah, and the attack was witnessed by the girl's mum and sister, who were on the shore. 



Written by: @pippa_reed