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Council Moves To Ban Cyclists From Roads

Roads too narrow for 1m buffer

Council Moves To Ban Cyclists From Roads

One council is set to become the first in the state to ban cyclists from using the road.

The Dardanup Shire Council in the south-west of WA is looking to make the move due to road rules which require cyclists to be given a one metre buffer by motorists.

However, not all regional roads are wide enough to provide this buffer, with the ABC reporting that trucks and road trains forced off the road to try to overtake cyclists.

A two-year trial is currently underway by the WA Government, which requires motorists to leave a one metre space when overtaking at 60km/h or less.

If the motorist is going faster than 60km/h, this extends to 1.5 metres.

After getting in touch with Main Roads, it was found that the local government does indeed have the power to close the road to cyclists or any vehicles of any class.