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Constable Care's New Road Safety App A Must For Your Child

A must for every parent!

Constable Care's New Road Safety App A Must For Your Child Arility app Youtube

For any parent with young kids, the thought of their kids hitting the streets on the bikes, scooters, etc... is a sobering one.

You'd hope you've educated them enough to be road aware, but the worry is always there.

Well, thanks to our mates at Constable Care, there's now an innovative road safety app that allows kids to simulate road use through an immersive virtual reality experience.

It's called Arility - and it's now available to download.

It's reported that Australia wide, young people are way over-represented in road fatalities or serious injuries.

This app provides children aged four to eleven with vital pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills linked to the school curriculum. Students using the app interact with 'characters' in real-world travel risk situations, and make decisions in order to keep them safe from harm.


Acting Road Safety Commissioner, Teresa Williams, is pretty keen on what can be achieved with this app:

“This is about generational change. The children we are educating today will be better enabled to grow into adults who are safe road users.”


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Written by: @dantheinternut